Why Volunteer?

When you have skills, time and education, don’t you think you should share them with our visually impaired friends? You can steal some time from your busy schedules for others so as to help them become successful people in life. Not just this, once you will share your knowledge and skills with them, you will get to know about their potentials and zest for life, and their ability to be equal, contributing members of society. So, don’t allow your knowledge and skills to go to waste. While you have some time on your plate, go ahead and share your assets with others.

How Can You Volunteer?

You can grace this platform in the following ways
  • You can become a scribe/writer for a candidate in an exam. Whenever there is any seminar in your area, you can cover it for us, by providing information about it, or by attending and recording it for the benefit of those who cannot attend.
  • If you have any extensive skills, you can share them with visually challenged people. For example, if you are a personality development trainer, you can do a session with them, and share your expertise.
  • If you get to know about any person with a disability, you can become an intermediate between us and them. This way, we can fetch them the needed information or consultation.
  • You can tell people about new laws, rules, rights, facilities and other opportunities in the Disability sector.

Immediate ways you can help